At The Daily Orange, the independent student-run newspaper of Syracuse, New York, I worked as the Presentation Director. In this role, I managed a team of four print designers and two illustrators, while also collaborating with and guiding the management team, the Photo Editor, Digital Design Director and Illustration Editor. Additionally, I was able to art direct, plan, and create the print and online visuals for our daily news, sports and culture stories, as well as our special editions four times a week. I have also previously worked as a print and digital Design Editor, and as the Illustration Editor of the organization.
01 Basketball

As the Presentation Director at The Daily Orange, I had the opportunity to work on our annual basketball guide. Click on each image to enlarge.

Role: Project management, art direction, branding, design, photo selection, type treatment 
Awards: 2021 Society of News Design Student Design Contest Feature Page Design, 3rd Place  Star Gazing (Basketball Guide 2020 Spread, The Daily Orange)

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02 Daily Print

Here’s a collection of my favorite daily print designs and art direction work that I have helped create and organize visuals for. Click on each image to enlarge.

Awards: 2021 Society of News Design Student Design Contest World’s Best Student Designed Student Newspaper, 1st Place The Daily Orange
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03 Waiting
for Normal

Role: Project management, art direction, branding, ux design, photo selection, type treatment 

I was able to lead and collaborate with our visuals and digital team to create an online photo story. In “Waiting for normal," we asked photographers to capture moments of loss and hope from the coronavirus pandemic through the camera lens. 
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